Colorado Convention Center


DENVER, CO (March 20,2020) – Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) is currently exploring new dates for the 2020 Denver Auto Show. Following the postponement of the originally scheduled show due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CADA and Convention Center authorities are examining a new schedule that will allow ample time to create a safe and healthy environment for the show’s partners and patrons.

“The Denver Auto Show is the nation’s third oldest auto show and an enduring and cherished event on Central Colorado’s entertainment calendar,” said President and CEO of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association Tim Jackson. “We are exploring every avenue to bring Coloradans their annual opportunity to see all the new vehicles and technologies up close and in person.”

Please keep checking this web page for updates on the 2020 Denver Auto Show, or follow our Facebook page.

Located at the Colorado Convention Center, the Denver Auto Show is the premier showcase of the newest model year import and domestic vehicles — cars, vans, crossovers, hybrids, light trucks, sport utilities – cars to suit every budget and life style. You’ll not only see all the newest models, you’ll also be treated to sneak peeks of selected intros, concepts, and the latest in tricked out cars! It’s the perfect place to see the latest examples of fuel efficient technologies and aftermarket accessories. Factory and dealer representatives are on hand to answer your questions in a no pressure environment, and with your favorite car lines all under one roof, it’s easy to compare prices and features, saving both time and money. So come sit in the cars, pop the hoods, inspect the trunks, kick the tires. The Denver Auto Show is great entertainment for serious shoppers, car buffs and the entire family!

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