Exhibitor Info

The Denver Auto Show is big, exciting, entertaining, and full of opportunity!

For the thousands who attend, the Denver Auto Show is the most efficient means of conveniently comparing several makes and models of vehicles at one time… in one place…before making an informed buying decision. The Denver Auto Show attracts not only car buffs looking for new concepts and intros, but the public who plan to buy a new car, van or light truck in the upcoming year, as well as families looking for entertainment.

Recognized nationally as the most outstanding and comprehensive new vehicle showcase in the region, the Denver Auto Show is the perfect place to expand your market reach.

  • meet prospects
  • sell merchandise
  • introduce and demonstrate new products
  • distribute information and samples
  • generate sales
  • develop brand name recognition
  • elicit media attention
  • conduct market research

You’ll build profits and add to your customer base, generate revenue both on-site and long after the Denver Auto Show is over by meeting face-to-face with one of the largest car and truck enthusiast audiences assembled in on place!

Become an Exhibitor

Participation as an exhibitor in the Denver Auto Show offers you the best marketing opportunities available to meet and motivate the car-buying public.

The commercial segment of the show includes everything attendees would use to complement their new car purchase and experience…from waxes and polishes, oils and lubricants, tires and wheel rims, alarm and sound systems, and mobile office equipment to garage installations and financial and insurance organizations.

The allied segment of the show includes van conversions, specialty and limited production vehicles, handicapped access vehicle and assist options, motorcycles and commercial trucks, conversion options and equipment.

Automotive Vehicle Exhibits are sold on a per square foot bulk rate. Booths are available in 100 square foot increments for Automotive Accessories, Products and Services. Each booth consists of a 10′ draped back wall, 3′ sidewall and company identification sign.